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NC-VA 2 State DOG T-Shirts
This is the Official Logo for the NC-VA 2 State Dutch Oven Gathering. It is a White Screen Print on a Caribbean Blue or Independence Red Cotton Tee Shirt

A custom window decal displayed in the right location can do many things, whether you want to make people laugh, promote your business or show your support for a specific cause. A window decal is an inexpensive way to get your message seen by many people with minimal effort. A window decal on the front door of a store call tell the customers anything you want them to know like store hours, sales and specials, etc.

A car’s window decal should be more durable than a decal used for a storefront. A custom car window decal will bake in the hot sun, see plenty of rain, road grime and many many car washes, it will get a lot more abuse. A car decal prominently displayed on the rear window of your vehicle will be seen by many people everyday while you are driving, sitting in traffic or simply parked at the store.

If you want your car window decals to have the maximum impact, it is important to follow a few simple rules to get them applied correctly. Applying a window decal on your car window is not difficult and with some patience and a few simple tools anyone can do it. If you are not sure, ask us at KD’s Graphics, we would be more than happy to do it for you.

If you are planning on applying the decal yourself be sure and check the weather first. It is not a good idea to do this when it is too hot or too cold. It should be a mild, clear day, free of rain and not too windy. If weather conditions are unfavorable, it would be best to move inside the garage to apply your car decal.

Here are a few items that will be needed:

Masking tape
Ruler or Measuring Tape
Glass Cleaner
Rubbing Alcohol
Paper Towels
Lens Cloth (a lint free cloth used for cleaning eyeglasses)
Credit Card or a Plastic Scraper
Knife (razor blade or pocket knife)

Follow these simple steps to apply a window decal that will look professionally done:

1. Clean Window twice with window cleaner. This removes the dirt and road film.

2. Clean window rubbing alcohol. This will remove any remain oily residues and car wax.

3. Place the decal where you want it. Apply masking tape across the top of the decal to hold it to the window. Make sure it is centered and level on the glass.

4. Slowly pull the backing paper from the decal and at the same time using a credit card to smooth the decal out.

5. Use overlapping strokes, starting at the top center and working down and out to the edges. Use a slow smooth stroke with even pressure. Go over the entire decal removing air bubbles from underneath the vinyl.

6. Slowly peel back the transfer tape, if any part of the decal lifts up from the window, press it back down carefully and go over that area again with a credit card using even pressure, resume peeling back the transfer tape.

If small bubbles are showing up under the vinyl, pierce the vinyl with a sewing needing. Use your finger nail and push the air out through the hole. Press firmly til the air is gone and the pin hole closed.

Once the decal is applied to the glass, avoid using any harsh commercial cleaners on your car windows. These can cause your window decal to curl and lift along the edges shortening the life span of the decal.

If you needing something that can be applied to your car or truck multiple times, a magnetic sign may be for you. A magnetic sign can be easily moved from one vehicle to another in seconds. Both magnetic signs and car decals are a great way to promote your business without spending a lot of money. Both the are made with a 4 year heavy duty sign grade vinyl. They will last for many years with minimal maintenance.

KD’s Graphics can create a custom multi-color decal for you. They can be applied to the rear window of your car or truck. We also do custom car magnets for your car doors. Need a custom banner for your next sales event, family reunion or meeting. Ask Us How! Serving Salisbury and Rowan County, North Carolina.

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Southeast Camper T-Shirts
This is the 2016 Design for the Southeast Camper Dutch Oven Group. It is a White Screen Print on a Caribbean Blue Cotton Tee shirt
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